Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Reportaje a Eugene Volokh en la Revista de UCLA

Un gran tipo Eugene Volokh muy popular entre sus estudiantes, para nada de acuerdo con el boludeo de los progres, quizas por su formacion en las ciencias duras. Tuve oportunidad de conversar con el y su padre en una convencion en DC en diciembre ultimo. Ver aqui la entrevista.

Professor Conspirator

By Jack Feuer , Jeff Barnett-Winsby

UCLA Law Professor Eugene Volokh '83, J.D. '92, founder of the influential Weblog "The Volokh Conspiracy" and one of the foremost legal commentators in the U.S., is a man of many parts.

Born in Kiev, Volokh immigrated to the U.S. with his family at the age of 7. By age 12, he was a computer programmer. By 15, a college graduate. Libertarian-leaning with a conservative bent but unbound by doctrine, this brilliant Bruin is guaranteed to make you think.

Q: You were a tech wunderkind before you were a law professor. Did you have a "Eureka" moment when you decided to switch fields?

A: There wasn't one moment, it was a process. The legal system's rule-oriented focus, while not the same as the rules and mathematics in computers, appeals to a similar problem-solving mindset that I have ... I found myself also quite interested in leading what I call a semi-public life, participating in public debates but without the intense public life of an elected or other government official. I wanted to write op-eds, to testify before the legislature, to file briefs. And I got exactly what I wanted.

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