Sunday, October 17, 2010

The UN

Excelent posting by our blog-friend the Monarchist quoting Gerald Warner at the Telegraph:

Gerald Warner, where art thou?

I've no idea where The Much Honoured the Laird of Craigenmaddie has gotten to these past few weeks, but I miss him dearly. No one, it seems, is better equipped at encapsulating the ills of our time than he:

"The EU and the UN are working to establish a monocultural world government. Its malign culture is one of population control, secularism, relativist morality, materialism, self-conscious modernity, equality of all under the benign rule of the totally unequal governing elite. It promotes the New Man: cellophane-wrapped, emasculated by health and safety, dedicated to extending his meaningless and despiritualised existence by medical improvements, inhabiting cities rendered anonymous by globalised architecture and the ubiquity of international corporations.

The intolerable antithesis of that Utopian future is any society that values tradition, that clings to custom, that engages in virile activities such as hunting or bullfighting, that serves God rather than Mammon. The free spirit who owns a gun, cherishes wildernesses not yet tamed into heavily sign-posted heritage parks, practises Christianity in the manner of his forefathers, respects animals as part of creation but would never equate their status with human beings – such men are a hostile spectre haunting the social engineers charting our global future. They must be eliminated, and useful idiots in politically correct parliamentary assemblies are the instruments of that purge

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