Friday, November 7, 2008

Buenas noticias

No todos tienen un panorama tan negro como Cosmin Beccar Varela en su articulo "BUSH MATÓ LOS EEUU. OBAMA ES LA MUERTE." Ver aqui

Segun la revista de la American Bar Association:

How an Obama Presidency May Benefit Lawyers

Lawyers in diverse practice areas ranging from labor law to bankruptcy are likely to benefit from legal changes that could be made during the Obama administration.

Lawyers can expect more regulations in banking and health care, fewer restrictions on lawsuits, more real estate lending and a pro-labor tilt, according to business development consultant Larry Bodine. Lawyers who spoke to the American Lawyer also predict fewer bankruptcy restrictions and raise the possibility of job protections based on sexual orientation.

Writing at his LawMarketing Blog, Bodine (a former editor and publisher of the ABA Journal) makes a number of predictions, including:

--More regulations for banks, hedge funds, large oil companies and health insurers.

--More tort litigation. The American Association for Justice will seek to ease restrictions on product liability suits and pharmaceutical class actions, to limit companies’ use of federal regulations to shield them from state suits, and to ban mandatory arbitration in consumer contracts.

--More real estate closings. Banks getting federal bailout money will be pressured to make more mortgage loans. Meanwhile a likely moratorium on foreclosures will encourage more home sales.

--A pro-union tilt that will increase the number of union members and labor contracts written by lawyers.

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