Saturday, November 8, 2008

Barack Hussein Obama?

Who is this man, anyways? Is he a progressive or a Burkean? Is he a Muslim or a Christian? Is he a hawk or a dove? Based on his parentage, can we even really say he is black or white? On almost any question, the man confounds.

There is one thing that everyone can agree upon, however, and that is his oratorical mastery. He is right up there with Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, the man can deliver a speech in the evangelical American tradition where such speech-giving has been historically cultivated.

Remember, we don't produce such men because we come from a different tradition, and have a completely different political culture. I don't think Obama's skills would shine through in Parliament, Westminsterism has a way of putting you in your place. In a politician's republic, there is nothing that puts you in your place. You have the ability to become something of a God to the masses. We are witnessing such a moment tonight.

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