Thursday, November 13, 2008


Tal cual lo afirma el Dr. Paul Gottfried:

1) La Propuesta Numero 8 se aprobo gracias al rechazo masivo de los negros (que en su mayoria votaron a Obama) a los homosexuales . ('Obama effect')

2) Si hubiese dependido de los "blancos" la propuesta hubiese sido rechazada.

3) Los pricipales apoyos que tienen los homos son los "yuppies" (blancos) y un sector del "clero" progre (apostatas).

4) Los negros son menos permeables al multiculturalismo y a la correccion politica.


According to the British Telegraph a high turnout of California blacks supporting Barack Obama helped to pass Proposition Eight, banning gay marriage, in a statewide referendum last week.

Since Obama’s presence on the ticket increased the black percentage of the vote total from 6 percent in 2004 to 10 percent this year, the referendum passed easily.

Over 70% of the black vote went both for Obama and against gay marriage, a figure that coincides with the responses that blacks give in polls when asked about their social views. Despite their support for the Democratic Left and stated distrust for white people, black voters in California, (and it may be surmised elsewhere in the US) are less susceptible to multicultural, PC indoctrination than are whites.

If Proposition Eight-adherents had to depend on rallying whites, it might have gone down to defeat. Since the referendum occurred, moreover, the only people I see demonstrating for gay marriage in the Golden State or anywhere else are white yuppies and the inevitable white clergymen.

Two, by far the major hindrance to restoring traditional Western institutions here and in Europe are not blacks or Turkish Muslims but abjectly decadent Euro-Americans.

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