Monday, November 3, 2008

Mi voto mañana

en negrita.

(1) President of the United States: Bob Barr (no chance de Bob pero no se puede votar a favor del status quo.)

Roger Calero, Socialist Workers
Barack Obama, Democratic, Working Families
John McCain, Republican, Independence, Conservative
Cynthia McKinney, Green
Ralph Nader, Independent
Bob Barr, Libertarian
Gloria La Riva, Party for Socialism and Liberation

(2) Justice, New York Supreme Court; District 1
No conozco a nadie. Paso

Judith J. Gische, Democratic
Marcy L. Kahn, Democratic, Republican
Shirley Werner Kornreich, Democratic
Martin Schoenfeld, Democratic, Republican

(3) United States Representative; District 15 : Charlie Rangel

Craig Schley, Vote People for Change
Charles B. Rangel, Democratic, Working Families
Edward Daniels, Republican
Martin Koppel, Socialist Workers

(4) State Senator; District 30 : Paso
Bill Perkins, Democratic, Working Families

(5) Member of the State Assembly; District 68 Tampoco conozco a nadie, a Powell lo vi en la boca del subte y note que abrio un local un mes antes de las elecciones.

Adam Clayton Powell, Democratic
George L. Espada, Sr., Independence
Norma Soriano, Republican

(6)Proposition 1 Proposal Number One, An Amendment : Afirmativo

The proposed amendment would eliminate the requirement that veterans who were disabled in the actual performance of duty in any war be receiving disability payments from the United State Veterans Administration in order to qualify for additional points on a civil service examination for appointment or promotion. Under the proposed amendment, the disability must only be certified to exist by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. The proposed amendment would also update the reference to the "United States Veterans Administration" to instead refer to the "United States Department of Veterans Affairs" to reflect current federal government structure. Shall the proposed amendment be approved?

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