Saturday, October 4, 2008

De Alexander Dugin

Un buen articulo sobre Dugin en el prestigioso Christian Science Monitor.

Esencial conocer a Dugin para entender los movimientos de Rusia en estos ultimos meses, Georgia and so on.

"In a nutshell, Dugin's philosophy holds that Russia is a "special geopolitical formation" that is fundamentally different from the West and therefore fated to fight for its own separate space. "Russian values hold that justice is more important than freedom, that the collective is more important than the individual," he says. "Russia is not a country, it's a civilization." "

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Para los que leen aleman se ha publicado un nuevo libro sobre Dugin - que aun no he leido.

Vladimir Ivanov, Dugin und die rechtsextremen Netzwerke (Stuttgart: Ibidem 2007, ISBN 9783898218047).

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