Saturday, October 18, 2008

La Constitucion

"The nature of a Constitution, the action of an assembly, the play of parties, the unseen formation of "a guiding opinion", are complex facts, difficult to know and easy to mistake. But the action of a single will, the fiat of a single mind, are easy ideas: anybody can make them out, and no one can ever forget them. When you put before the mass of mankind the question, "Will you be governed by a King, or will you be governed by a Constitution?" the inquiry comes out thus, "Will you be governed in a way you understand, or will you be governed in a way you do not understand?" The issue was put to the French; they were asked, "Will you be governed by Napoleon, or will you be governed by an assembly?" The French people said, "We will be governed by the one man we can imagine, and not by the many people we cannot imagine".

"The American Government calls itself a Government of the supreme people; but at a quick crisis, the time when a sovereign power is most needed, you cannot FIND the supreme people. You have got a Congress elected for one fixed period, going out perhaps by fixed instalments, which cannot be accelerated or retarded - you have a President chosen for a fixed period, and immovable during that period: all the arrangements are for STATED times. There is no ELASTIC element, everything is rigid, specified, dated. Come what may, you can quicken nothing, and can retard nothing. You have bespoken your Government in advance, and whether it suits you or not, whether it works well or works ill, whether it is what you want or not, by law you must keep it."

Walter Bagehot, The English Constitution. See here

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