Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hugo Chávez Versus Human Rights By Jose Miguel Vivanco, Daniel Wilkinson

Increible que a estas alturas estas cosas sucedan.

(Gargarella's Watch: El articulo que se le escapo a Gargarella (recomendo leer el apoyo de Dworkin a Obama, publicado en esa misma revista, "The New York Review of Books" y hace mutis en el foro con respecto a este. La mala fe (deshonestidad) de los izquierdistas no tiene limites!)

On September 18, we released a report in Caracas that shows how President Hugo Chávez has undermined human rights guarantees in Venezuela. That night, we returned to our hotel and found around twenty Venezuelan security agents, some armed and in military uniform, awaiting us outside our rooms. They were accompanied by a man who announced—with no apparent sense of irony—that he was a government "human rights" official and that we were being expelled from the country.

With government cameramen filming over his shoulder, the official did his best to act as if he were merely upholding the law. When we said we needed to gather our belongings, he calmly told us not to worry, his men had already entered our rooms and "packed" our bags.

But when we tried to use our cell phones to get word to our families, our colleagues, and the press, the veneer of protocol quickly gave way. Security agents surrounded us, pried the phones from our hands, and removed and pocketed the batteries. When we then insisted on contacting our embassies, they shoved us into a service elevator, took us to the basement, and forced us into the back seat of an SUV with tinted windows. When we asked where we were headed, they told us only that we were going to the airport.

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