Tuesday, October 28, 2008

El video de Obama sobre redistribucion. Sunstein

No obstante lo que los medios como Fox y la campaña de McCain estan haciendo de este video comparto aqui la opinion de Sunstein:

"Sunstein argued that Obama is discussing redistribution in a relatively narrow legal context: The discussion in the 1970s of whether the Supreme Court would create the right to a social safety net -- to things like education and welfare. He also noted that in the interview, Obama appears to express support for the court's rejection of that line of argument, saying instead that the civil rights movement should aim for the same goals through legislative action." Ver aqui

Lo que dice Obama es que ni siquiera la "Warren Court" estaba interesada en los derechos sociales y que este tema hay que dejarlo al proceso politico (legisladores) antes que a la Corte y los jueces.

Mas sobre "Warren Court" y la opinion de Obama sobre los futuros jueces:

Q: You voted against confirming both Justice Alito and Chief Justice Roberts (for the U.S. Supreme Court). You said you want justices who are passionate. ... You taught constitutional law for 10 years, so I'm wondering if you can tell us, outside the context of the current court, what justices would you use as models for your pick?

Ver aqui

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