Sunday, October 19, 2008

El mundo academico. Truth or fashion

Una buena refleccion sobre el mundo academico del Padre Seraphim Rose que aparece en la biografia que estoy leyendo "Not of this World. The Life and Teaching of Fr. Seraphim Rose.Pathfinder to the Heart of Ancient Christianity." Quien como el que conocia el mundo academico desde adentro.

"The academic world -and these worlds are neither lightly nor easily spoken - has become today, in large part a source of corruption.

It is corrupting to hear or read the words of men who do not believe in truth. It is yet more corrupting to receive in place of thruth, mere learning and scholarship which, if they presented as ends in themselves, are no more than parodies of truth they were meant to serve, no more than a facade behind which there is no substance.

It is, tragically, corrupting even to be exposed to the primary virtue still left to the academic world, the integrity of the best of its representatives -if this integrity serves, not the truth, but skeptical scholarship, and so seduces men all the more effectively to the gospel of subjectivism and unbelief this scholarship conceals. It is corrupting, finally, simply to live and work in an athmosphere totally permeated by a false conception of truth, wherein Christian Truth is seen as irrelevant to the central academic concerns wherein even those who still believe this Truth can only sporadically make their voices heard aboove the skepticism promoted by the academic system. The evil, of course, lie primarily in the system itself, which is founded upon untruth, and only incidentally in the many professors whom the system permits and encourages to preach it."

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