Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sobre el Che en el WSJ

Comentando un articulo que reporta los homenajes que se han organizado a este asesino serial. Una locura!

Del correo de lectores del WSJ de hoy

Che Guevara Was No Hero to the Many He Abused.

While it is true that he executed hundreds "from the Batista regime," he also executed people not connected to the regime.

It is no surprise that the pro-government thugs who are using violence against some of the critics of President Cristina Fernandéz's populist policies in Argentina these days hoist Che Guevara banners. Guevara styled himself a "killing machine," a language those thugs understand well. The government they are supporting is on its way to ruining Argentina's agriculture by taxing away 75% of the farmers' earnings, controlling prices, limiting exports, and inflating the currency.

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In Argentina, Che Guevara Finally Gets More Than a Lousy T-Shirt

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"Che motivated a lot of idiots to go about killing people either because they had money or a uniform. How unenlightened is that?" said Michael Poots, a Buenos Aires travel agent.

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