Saturday, August 16, 2008

Georgia. It ain’t any of our business. The Israel Connection

De acuerdo 100x100%. "Gran" articulo, gran del Dr Paul Gottfried.

"Facts that should be noted here are that the US under Bush has become Georgia’s major foreign ally, that our government has strongly suggested bringing Georgia into NATO, thereby ringing Russia with what can only be seen as an unfriendly alliance system, and that at least some South Ossetians, many of whom are ethnic or assimilated Russians, support Russia against Georgia." (Nota: la cursiva es mia)
This morning the New York Post became even less subtle when it ran banner headlines about Vlad’s “Nazi atrocities.” For neocons it is always 1938, that is, when they’re not groping for the other evil precedents afforded by Kaiser Bill, Jeff Davis, or the ancient Spartans. (La obsesion de los neocons es similar a la de los sectores "progres" en Argentina con el Proceso.)
Why don’t our global missionaries tell Canadians, Germans, Frenchmen Spaniards, and leaders of the other “democracies” to decriminalize hate speech and to stop throwing people into jail or threatening them with jail sentences for making, or being accused of making, politically incorrect remarks?
Europe today does not face a “fascist” threat but an “antifascist” danger making way for a hostile Muslim takeover. This seems to me a far more troublesome thing than whether the New York Post’s “evil Vlad” is trying to reestablish a Russian beachhead in the Caucuses, with lots of local cooperation. That, I would argue, is none of our collective business. The other matter, which is closer to home in the Euro-American heartland, certainly is.

It ain’t any of our business

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