Friday, August 29, 2008

Obama's secret identity. Obama is Cass Sunstein

Dice Nate Oman en Concurring Opinions:

Cass Sunstein, however, seems to be out to persuade people like me to support Obama. He has done a nice podcast (See here) on why conservatives should support Obama, and now he's got an article in the New Republic explaining Obama's pragmatism. Sunstein writes of him:

When he offers visionary approaches, he does so as a visionary minimalist--that is, as someone who attempts to accommodate, rather than to repudiate, the defining beliefs of most Americans. His reluctance to challenge people's deepest commitments might turn out to be what makes ambitious plans possible--notwithstanding the hopes of the far left and the cartoons of the far right. He goes on to insist, "Above all, Obama's form of pragmatism is heavily empirical; he wants to know what will work."

See here

So it turns out that Obama is a minimalist empiricist who believes in market-based approaches for pursuing progressive ends. In short, Obama is...Cass Sunstein.

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