Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Libro sobre Obama

"What is scary about Obama, but draws me to him as a well-deserved fate for this country, is that he combines two equally repulsive worldviews, black nationalism, which in the case of his pastor and affirmative-action enriched wife happens to be directed against my race, and the idiosyncrasies of the American social Left. Barack (let me be intimate!) is probably the most “extreme” candidate who has ever run for the presidency of one of our two institutionalized, government-supported parties. If so, it is absurd to believe that his voluntary association with white-hating black spokesmen, kooky feminists, and bona fide socialists will not have any significant effect on his presidency. It is even dumber to think that the useless and spineless GOP or the hitherto obliging media will manage to halt the momentum of what Obama seeks to implement. If any serious opposition to his presidential course develops, it will likely come from the white ethnic Democrats in Congress. Such politicians are willing to put up with just about any form of social perversity from their nutcase party but if it hurts their voters’ pocketbook interests, they may start to complain. And while their voters are not averse to social engineering providing it is carried out by a white feminist, they are less inclined to being jerked around if the manipulator is black— or even half black.

Despite all of my fear and loathing for Mr. Change and his unpalatable yuppie boosters, I also think that our country needs to go through something like his presidency to be cured of its multicultural fascination with black leftists. With some luck we may also be cured of our fascination with all the lifestyle, anti-bourgeois oddities that are accumulating like fungi around the soon-to-be- anointed Democratic candidate. I trust his leadership will prove even more catastrophic than what I am now imagining. Either his presidency will leave us more grounded as a society but also in a state of rage against our political and media class, or we’ll be well on our way toward joining our Western European “fellow-democrats,” as the recipients of diversity and social planning up to our eyeballs. But it is silly to think that we can be cured of our social diseases by muddling along with more FOX News-type presidents, who offer us crusades for democracy abroad while gradually accommodating the Left at home. Better we leap into madness all at once. "

Paul Gottfried

Un controvertido libro sobre Obama en primer lugar en la lista de best sellers del New York Times.

Book on Obama Hopes to Repeat Anti-Kerry Feat

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