Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sobre Biden v. Bork

Dice el Profesor Jeffrey Rosen en el New York Times sobre la participacion del Senador Biden en la audiencia de confirmacion de Bork:

"The charge is unfair. Twenty-one years ago, during the Bork nomination, I worked for Mr. Biden as an intern on the Senate Judiciary Committee. From that modest vantage point, I saw Mr. Biden struggle to focus the hearings on Judge Bork’s judicial philosophy rather than his private life, in the face of overwhelming political pressure from interest groups on the left. Mr. Biden’s efforts to protect Judge Bork’s and Judge Thomas’s privacy demonstrate that, although he was present at the creation of the post-Bork era, he did not cause it. On the contrary, he did everything in his power to resist the collapse of boundaries between nominees’ public and private lives."

The Myth of Biden v. Bork
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