Friday, August 1, 2008

Obama como profesor de derecho

Que diferencia con esos profesores (tengo en mente a un viejo conocido frecuentemente citado en este blog) que solo se preocupan por incluir en los syllabus de clase sus propios trabajos y aquellos donde son citados. No enseñan a los alumnos el razonamiento juridico. Una estafa a los estudiantes.

Muy interesantes las opiniones de cuatro profesores de derecho consultados por el NYT. Este articulo es un follow-up al articulo que publicaran el 30 de julio.

Dice el Profesor Randy Barnett (analizando el material recomendado en las clases de Obama):

"There is no doubt that his students were taught “the law” (such as it was), not merely the teacher’s viewpoints. His exam questions were nicely designed to ferret out the student’s understanding, but also the cracks and fissures in the Supreme Court’s current approach to the Constitution. What they did not show, however, were any insights on the how he thought Supreme Court doctrine could be improved.

Indeed, if one is looking to these material to learn more about Senator Obama’s own views of either “racism and the law” or the Due Process and Equal Protection Clauses, one will be disappointed. He either was skillful at concealing his own take on these issues both in these materials and in the classroom (as reported by his former students) or he held no deep commitments on what one would think were matters of central concern to him. While this latter possibility would make him a flexible politician, it is bound to disappoint his most vehement supporters and detractors alike. In the end, while they confirm that the former president of the Harvard Law Review is a smart guy, and an exceptionally fair-minded teacher, they tell us little about his core beliefs on the very sensitive issues covered by these courses. Nor perhaps should we have expected them to."

Vease el articulo aquí

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